The company Karanasios, based in Thessaloniki, has been active in the field of industrial equipment since 1973. Our main objective is to provide immediate and qualitative customer service as well as to support after-sales service.


Our company is the exclusive representative of the leading European manufacturers of vibrators ITALVIBRAS, FINDEVA, TUXEL and introduces industrial vibrators for wide range vibration systems that operate with current or air and meet any demand for vibration in modern industrial applications (silos, sieves, drive belts, vibratory banks, prefabricated buildings, etc.).


The company’s clientele include the largest food industries, beverage bottling, flour mills, pharmaceuticals, cement products industries, aluminum constructions, recyclable materials processing, aggregates, olive oil mills, quarries, earthworks, snow machines etc.



MONASTIRIOU Str. 322, , ZC. 546 28

PHONE. 2310 765 665   –  FAX 2310761497

The headquarters of the company are located on the main shopping street of the city, right after the Dendropotamos bridge, opposite the MACEDONIA station of KTEL and next to the new Thessaloniki Police Building.

Directions to our headquarters


LEANDROU 29,   ZC. 104 43

PHONE. 210 5132607    –   FAX: 210 5142516

Behind the Tobacco Factory, in the Kolonos area.

Directions to our store.